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Cynanchum laeve (honeyvine milkweed)

honeyvine milkweed
Alias: honeyvine swallowwort, bluevine, sandvine
Cynanchum laeve                                       

Identifying Characteristics:

Seed: ovate, with tuft of soft trichomes, compressed in follicle

Seedling:  emerging sprout with opposite, entire leaves, glabrous

Mature Plant: clustered roots, fibrous from taproot and rhizomes, slender, glabrous stem, twining or trailing vine; opposite leaves, simple, ovate; corolla white to light cream inflorescence, narrowly oblong to lanceolate; teardrop-shaped fruits

Method of Propagation: seed

Life Cycle: perennial


References:  Bryson, Charles T. & Michael S DeFelice. "Weeds of the South."

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